Swingtzerland 2016 Zurich – West Coast Swing Dancing Event

Swingzterland is a cosy West Coast Swing Dancing event, as of 2016 with WSDC accredited competitions. With a focus on social dancing and providing a welcoming, friendly and family like environment for everyone, together with high level competition in a friendly atmosphere, the event is a secret favourite of many West Coast Swing dancers in Europe. To this also adds the amazing teacher line up with Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann, Tessa Cunningham & Myles Munroe, Maxence Martin & Virginie Grondin, Stephen White & Sonya White, Jang Widler & Sylvie Burgnard, Melanie Stocker Bucher and Rebecca Ludwick.

2016 the following countries were represented at Swingtzerland 2016: Canada, USA, France, Germany, Israel, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Lebanon, Austria, Russia, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, India and South Africa.

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ClientWest Coast Swing ZürichServicesEvent Reportage, dance photographyYear2016Linkphoto.finallymoving.comLocationZurich, SwitzerlandEvent size250 participants