We are Swingfamily – Switzerland 2016

On the weekend 19th / 20th of March 2016 Alice & Melanie organised the first “We are Swing-Family” weekend in the club Pasadena in Volketswil Zurich. The event had the goal to connect dancers from the swing dances Boogie and West Coast Swing and to discover the similarities in the dances.
During two days workshops were held for West Coast Swing, Boogie and general dance technique useful for any dance, focusing on connection and musicality. A special workshop allowed dancers to discover musicality together with the 6-man blues band Guitar Ray and the Gamblers from Italy. These awesome guys also played live music during the Swing Family Night party, where dancers could enjoy switching between the dance styles on two dance floors. This allowed for a nice mixing of Boogie and West Coast Swing.

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ServicesEvent-ReportageYear2016LocationPasadena, Volketswil Zürich