As the last stop on a short trip to Poland in late September, I went for a beautiful little adventure, a day hike in the High Tatras. Instead of going up the ubiquitous Mount Rysi we decided on a route that went along the ridge connecting the peaks Kasprowy Wierch, Swinica, Kozi Wierch and Zandni Granat. Actually I would have liked to go as far as Skrajny Granat, but unfortunately we ran out of time and had to descent earlier.

The first part of the hike is fairly easy, it is almost impossible to get lost. As the trail up until the Swinica is a very popular hike, chances are high to meet other hikers for company. As soon as we passed Zawrat, the hike got a lot more fun, involving easy climbs assisted by chains and stairs. Aside from the fun this part of the route provided, the view to both sides of the ridge is extremely rewarding.

As this was my first time for High Tatras Hiking, I consider it a great opportunity to check out the place and see that it is definitely worth coming back to for a longer hiking tour.