Hi, I am Anja. I travel and take photos.

Since my first longer stay in Vancouver, Canada in 2008 I have discovered my passion for traveling, adventure and photography. In the years since then, I have mostly traveled for personal experience and joy. In 2015 dancing and working on dance event as a reportage photographer also became part of my passion. Now I want to take things to another level, to give my passion for travel and adventure and people a space to live and to share them.

I love Life and it’s beauty in any form, love mountains (my first time), love being outside in nature, love getting to know different kinds of people and love traveling.

I am a Berlin based travel-photography-food addict. I am driven by a strong curiosity about the world and its inhabitants, a taste for adventure, aesthetics and a desire to see and experience as much as possible of what Life (with the big L) has to offer and capture its diverse moments in my pictures.

The pictures in my blog posts are taken by me in my free time, mostly while traveling or exploring the place I currently live. Creating these pictures takes time, thought, and effort. Therefore my pictures are copyrighted by me. If you want to use these pictures in any way, please contact me.

If you like what you find here, please keep in touch by bookmarking, sharing, commenting, and above all coming back again!



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